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Saturday, March 11, 2006

We Are A Conversation ....

We Are A Conversation is a philosophical saying that was used in the Sixties a lot. In a way it is also true for blogging, in that they are participatory in nature. But is "participatory" not just another trendy word for "interactive"?

No, and ...yes. The difference is that a website is interactive and lets users participate in that sense - but this is not an interaction between power equals. Notice the word "user".

Looking at the instruments being used for interaction between of bloggers - it's the blog tool - on all sides. A blogger assumes the role of a visitor, of a commentator and again of a blogger. We all participate in the others'
publications - in that way blogging certainly is interactive but it's more. It is interaction between participants.

Leuc Le Meur's version in regards to blogs is:

Traditional media send messages
Blogs start discussions

Found via Fredrik Wackå's corporateblogging

Gisela Strauss


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