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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gore is Vital

Gore Vidal
Gore with cat at Ravello, Italy
is most likely the real reason I decided to leave Berkeley. Or better his State of the Nation speech at the UC Berkeley Auditorium. Unlike Berkeley underdoggism - which means barking up at anything to do with power - Gore Vidal's eloquent and funny speech revealed the lives of the rich, famous and infamous from the inside out - meaning from peer to peer. Gore was born into an American upperclass family, well-connected in terms of politics and money. His revelations are void of envy, cloaking itself as political correctness. His conclusions are that power happens as randomly as anything - there is no higher wisdom bestowing power and influence on those deemed worthy. Thus he suggests that an attitude of irreverence towards the extremely powerful together with deep, humourous compassion for humankind are the way to go.

At the panel discussion after his speech, some established leftist Berkeley journalist writer simply said, Gore you are full of shit - meaning of course - easy for you to talk like that - you come from money. Well I just had heard enough of the whiny, pol cor investigative journalism in Berkeley to know that this was envy screeching at eloquence.

This dude Gore, I felt, was on to something. And that something was not to be found in Berkeley anymore for me. Later that evening I met Gore Vidal at Amy Wallace's house (daughter of Irving). Then, in response to a "fan" letter I had sent him, he came back with correcting my commas.

Gore Vidal is living in Ravello, Italy, Mainland Europe.

Gisela Strauss, Munich, Germany, Mainland Europe


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