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Monday, November 14, 2005

Blogging for Memory and Community

Having a large following, is a blogger's penultimate goal according to Mainstream Media. (The ultimate goal would be cashing in on a large follwing.) While I like the idea of cashing in on something (am I Polyannna? Blogging is buzzing !!!) having a so called following which expects me to post for them, is filling me with dread.

Blogging in my view is a tool to cope with information overload. Information which moves me to blog about seems relevant, note-worthy. That's a filtering criteria right there. The moment I post about some news, my own thoughts, another blogger's post, a tool, a method, it receives some surrounding con-text, which helps me to log it in my memory (internal linking) but also provides a sur-face, an inter-face to weave it together with other information - in my own blog or in other's (external linking). Linking to content in my own blog creates a local neural network, linking to others' ties my microcontent into the global neural network. Linear information gathering is hence obsolete - since it has become impossible.

Mary Hodder put it succinctly:

For many bloggers the relevant sphere of influence is not overall popularity, as those indexes [technorati, Google, GS] express. It's influence and connection within a community. And the relevant measure of connection isn't the number of connections -- it's the depth and impact of those connections. This is about celebrating the niche, and measuring engagement over time.

Gisela Strauss