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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Dave Davies said they *liked* it

Dave Davies said, that the Old Living Nazis he interviewed admitted that they did what they did because they wanted to. Not because they were *only* following orders.

I believe that. This interview is worth listening to.

Why do I believe that? Because I have witnessed the vulgarity and stubborness of Nazi conviction and the craftiness in both putting it forth and hiding it. The complete and utter absence of shame. I wonder, after listening to this, if the sweeping social engineering measures administered by the Allies to defeated German women and men and their offspring later (I am an offspring), has truly achieved the hoped-for results. Because it was based on the assumption of
emancipating hapless masses who had been manipulated by the Goebbels propaganda machine and needed only to be *rewired*. I am not sure.... Certainly that is the script the postwar generations has accepted. And handed down to us, the next generation. But then for someone growing up in the midst of this there always appeared to be holes in this story. Because for one . . .
Why was this war generation always so mean, and envious of our innocence?