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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Gosfordian to the Max -

This is subtle beyond subtle: NPR features a put down on snobbery, read in a very snobbish tone of voice , in which "snobbism" is described as Americans showing casual generosity to the remnants of the British upper class, an act which those said remnants define as "snobbery" according ot their own convoluted insider rules. This is so Gosfordian: Is Karen Grigsby Bates of National Public Radio, an American station, sending Julian Fellowes, the reader, up as a snob, or is Julian given a real and earnest chance of lecturing Americans about how to avoid being snobbish towards the British upper crust? Go figure.

Cute, · T E C H N O R A T I · awwwww.

Addendum I
Someone help me out with this - Banksy and his, Please-mom-I-want-to-be-like-Andy-Warhol-when-I'm-6-campaign:
Banksys attempt to be like the American artist Warhol Is it embarassing with it's desperate and deliberate aping of Andy Warhol and a little bit of Basquiat thrown in?
Imitation Andy Warhol and Basquiat squashed into one British person named Banksy can only mean one thing: continuous self-buggery begging for Bankable Attention, payable in pounds, please.

The New York art scene elite is extremely taken aback - but too snobbish to ever let it show, even in the politest, faintest, remotest manner.

Oh c'mon Banksy, you're better than Warhol, you get a straight
A for your work - you are the Ahole.

Wait was that an ever so faint . . . giggle coming from that N.Y. loft space converted into an artistic-intellectual enclave over there? Oh look - Bansky clings to the window with suction cups - evidently begging Whoopy Goldberg to be let in. Cliffhangingly inventive - isn't he. Awwww. Soapy tho the max.


  • At 12:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Peace be with you

    The value grows, not as the number of nodes connected, but by the number of possible relationships formed.

  • At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    do not ever toy with the hidden ambitions of the anglo-saxon landed and attention starved gentry - or the will be exposed. And then we all know even though we do not want to know in the least.

  • At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    anglo-saxon gentry? landed? When will they leave. NOrm feels they should.

  • At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Banksy might see himself as cocky.
    He's merely cockroachy.
    And they sound so weird when they're stepped on.


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