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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bloggerati Has Found: Kids Can Click!

There is a lot of plankton swarming around the word bloggerati. It just fascinates the masses. Words worming, squirming themselves around the term without rhyme and reason.

That word reveals the irrational need of false entitlement in so many envy-stricken wannabees lately that it is, I am totally sure, coincidentally as much as it is painfully embarrassing to watch.
Want Pain?
Scavengers at the ready here comes the plankton:

Or pleasure:
"Did it hurt?" "What?" "When you fell from heaven?" "Not as much as my boot up your ass if you don't step off in the next 5 seconds."

Nobody is falling all over themselves with a word like Toytown it seems. Wait there:
Toytown: with a link that says: Kids can click!

Kids Can Click, no kidding

Cute, · T E C H N O R A T I · awwwww.

Modest in Munich

Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Cross Atlantic Crowd Has Always Been Among the Early Adopters.

Many of us have heard of corporate blogging and either dismissed it as yet another Internet hype or something pretty risky to do.

The first assumption is wrong the second correct.
It will not be a hype because the technology needed for a blog is free and unsophisticated.

It is risky however if your company does not practice transparency across the board. Or as one of the blog pundits said: if your company is bad, blogging is very bad for your company. If your company is good. Blogging is very good for your company.

Simply put: A blog expands the content and the "surface" which a search engine will be able register and feature about your company.

Debbie Weil provides us with valuable and down to earth pointers on corporate blogging.

Gisela Strauss
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Profiling Today's Munich's Expats

Not so long ago, the Munich expat community consisted of upper rank executives on A Very Important Mission, or at of least Very Important Managers with the task of effecting some strategically crucial change in the local version of U.S. global corporate culture. A host of relocation-related services and subservices has established itself around this breed of professionals, their spouses and families.

Today this scenario has dramatically changed in several ways:
- There are more expat professionals working within a greater
diversity of professions in Munich.
- Many do not desire or could afford White Glove Executive
Relocation Services.
- To-the-point detailed and practical data, facts, insider
tips, help and advice for expats given by expats are
available on-line to a degree unheard of, only several years ago.
- Many of today's expats are media and Internet savvy to a point
which renders traditional fee-based relocation information
services patronizing and stifling, if not redundant.
- Many U.S.expats are here, because of the networked modality of
corporate projects:

A project lead, coordinator or manager my be flown
in from the U.S. just-in-time, leading a team to
produce the target objectives and move on to even
grander things back home.

-The all-encompassing corporate tendency to have work environments appear fluid and cosmopolitan, plays an even greater role now. There may or may not be a mission critical role to play at the target destination, but everybody involved is expected to benefit from the experience such as demonstrating leadership potential by coping with reality on and *even* off the corporate compound.

Especially British personnel enjoy their stay in Munich so much, that they have founded an exclusive dining-out club only for young British expat workers. Theirs is the tactical benefit of U.S. companies putting their foot down off-shore Mainland Europe first - anywhere on the British Isles: English staff holds on tight to the opportunity to migrate here when U.S. management moves on to the mainland.

Not to be forgotten are the sought-after software engineering geniuses hailing from Dublin, who are mostly contractors, very self-sufficient and patronizing a network of creative, comfortable Irish Pubs, which are owned and operated, very fittingly, by some Dubliners as well.

In short, the Internet-enabled, self-organizing expat community is extremely resourceful. Relocation services are in dire need of adapting, if they are to survive. Lean, demand-based, just-in-time services, which factor in the Internet as a primary and free resource for many things expats need, will be the winners.

Gisela Strauss

My Mom's Days at Moon's Mall

The conspicuous consumption was the combative response of the ignored rich bores, eking out an attention-starved existence on the margins of the limelight in Hollywood, where the stars get all the love, admiration and attention.

Too proud to stalk, too cowardly to stab celebs to death, they channeled their murderous envy into shopping. So they stalked the shops where celebs went, and found out that if they spent zillion times more money than the celebs do, they get a teeny weeny bit of attention from those staff who were - naturally - spoilt brats, due to their daily brushes with stardom and getting lavish tips.

This became a movement, The Lifes of the Rich and Famous was born, and their offspring the yuppies and their offspring the synks followed.

Now synks have found out, that celebs come to Europe to hide from the madding crowd, including them, which really hurts. Synks are tortured knowing that celebs come to, say, Munich, enjoy hanging with the local popist yokels, buy property in France, own vineyards in Italy. Synks, ever too proud to stalk, too cowardly to stab celebs to death, they channel their murderous envy into Conspicuous Consumption Blogging, pretending to be in Europe:
It goes like this:
Yesterday I talked to my friend in France for three hours on the CELL PHONE from the lobby of such and such, discussing whether we would buy that property on the Côte d' Azure, but then dismissed France for like Italy, because we are into Slow Food, after three hours on the CELL I had to go because my friend the movie producer wanted to be picked up and brought to the Hilton Hotel in Munich where we dined together and discussed my mom's days at The Mall in the Valley Moon Zappa wrote the song about. That is to say, Moon wrote that song after she overheard MY MOM sigh, Gag Me With A Spoon.

Gisela Strauss
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Unilateral Cowboy

Unilateral Cowboy

General Motors Behaves Like a Cowboy

There we have it:
The unilateral cowboy tramples not only on all that is good, noble and sophisticated in Europe, he dogs the German workforce as GM incarnate. Opel Germany is singled out, made scapegoat, because we know why, it need not be mentioned.

Except that………….
"General Motors Corp. will close a Baltimore assembly plant next year that employs about 1,100 people and makes two van models that are being discontinued, a spokesman for the world's biggest automaker said Tuesday."
by SARAH BRUMFIELD, Associated Press Writer

Observed by Gisela Strauss, Just a Bloggerette in a Bloggerati World, whatever that means