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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sinful Thoughts Near the Munich Synagogue

There is always film festivals in Munich it seems. Now there is one at the Filmmuseum Munich, near the Jakobsplatz, where the Munich Jewish Cultural Center cum Synagogue is currently being erected.

What caught my eye at the festival location was the movie title Brand Spanking, evidently a British Indie. I am not sure what the movie is supposed to be about. But I like the idea of being able to spank a brand, this overused word, good for every cheap hustle there is on the planet, screaming, Admire, Desire, Acquire Me.

A website is a tool-toy, an application. When applications scream at you, as brands would, Admire, Desire, Acquire Me, they stop dead the user’s wish to intelligently interact.

The never ending self-inflicted labor of ad agencies is to transfer branding onto the Internet. Thanks to the fact that it will never ever work, it is a very complicated, lucrative job. About which endless briefs must be produced and long hours be billed. Thus, unlike the labor of Sisyphus it has its rewards.

But because ad agencies have stopped dead clients' wishes such as to intelligently spend money, there is no problem. Soon Branding will discover blogging. Enter the endless loop of never ending stupidity.

But then again, it is never too late to spank branding.

Gisela Strauss
O-pining Tech Translator


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