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Monday, January 17, 2005

Show Your ROI, Blog, or Else

When someone at a German-run bulletin board in Munich bullet-pointedly asked me, What is the ROI, the purpose and the meaning of blogs, alarm bells went up in my head.

The question I felt was just wrong.

Bill Joy and friends put together the Internet protocol at Berkeley. Tim Berners Lee came up with html. They did this because it made the quality of their work better. It's uses were widely adapted because it made the collaborative quality of work better.

Then some software firms began putting information rich high quality hyperlinked copy online.

And the Internet world was still good.

Fast forward some years: Someone asked some guys at Harvard to create a PowerPoint bullet point list for managers and bankers, outlining the ROI, purpose and meaning of the Internet. Then, things went from good to bad: Investment capital discovered the Internet, followed by Madison Avenue. Then, things just got plain ugly.

So how can anyone ask a question like that again?

Blogging does not have to show ROI. Blogging is.
It renders more effective ways in which highly skilled knowledge workers keep track and reflect on their methods, work processes, their brainstorming.

People in general get to hone their debating, creative writing and conversational skills.

Owners of SMES and freelancers get to deploy their own public relation campagin via blogs, free of charge. Huh, and Madison Avenue, can't screw it up this time.

And by the way:
Is there any one single process or tool within a corporation, which directly hauls in ROI?

Of course not. So that is why this question is wrong. And so called experts trying to show the ROI of BLOGS are wrong as well.

Shut up and blog, or




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