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Saturday, January 29, 2005

It's a DownHill Struggle, Let's Face It provides some pretty good insights into a couple of things which possibly might not be evil incarnate in regards to file sharing. Please ask your local authorities for permission before reading, though. If you are in Germany, you might ask the hawkish GEMA for permission to click on this link to read on. has even been less evil ever since the Conde Nast takeover coup committed by the Swiss, though they do not *always* and *totally* condemn things p2p as a federal crime, if not as an immoral deed.

«As Wired News first reported, Eyes on the Prize, the 14-part series chronicling the civil rights movement, can no longer be broadcast on television and has never been released on DVD because of copyright restrictions. »
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Therefore some people are thinking about some sort of downloading venture.
But I think the liberal well-heeled middle class of America would even pay for the download when asked. So why rip it?


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