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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A Swirling Ocean of Change

{ M U N I C H : I t ' s C E T }

In the blog entry Sampling Dan Gillmore I hoped that blogging was « Change that is post Industrial, post Communication Age, post New Age, post Free Speech ». Well as soon as the ink dried what did I find but a blogged welcome to the Organic Age.

That's right, blogging is not just some nice paraphernalia to hype-up boring Corporate Communication procedures, nope, blogs are here to change the very nature of Change Management in the form of blog-based on demand adaptive networks.

On Demand Network grows poetic when it says:
« Welcome to the Organic Age...
« Businesses exist within a swirling ocean of change that equally features opportunity and threat. The only constant factor is that it is continually changing, so organisations that want the adaptability to be first to market with new products, to right-size the workforce to match conditions or to customise services exactly to clients needs require the correct formula. A formula that reflects this reality.»
[update: ]link to that company no longer works, swirl, swirl...

» » »

Everyday is a winding road. Isn't that a song in the Julia Roberts, Erin vs PG & E movie?


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