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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Collaborative Blog About Blogging

While it is flattering that some journalists find blogging cool,

It's more important that bloggers define who they are and what they do,
and this is even more compelling and adequate when bloggers use the very medium of blogging to blog about it thereby demonstrating the essential value and functionality of collaborative content creation.
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delivering ROI, live and direct.

Sigh, if she'd only known about ROI

The girl, who called herself Twinkly Spangle, offered E-Bay bidders a 15- minute fondling session with her 32C assets to fund her university fees.

She even promised High tea at her Colchester home - and included a naked snap of her cleavage on the site.

Bidding for the breasts, "still attached, great condition" started at £20 yet quickly soared to £180.

Sigh, if she'd only known there is ROI in blogging ! ! !

Bloggerati, delivering ROI live and direct

NY's ScenarioDNA asks, Is Your Brand Embedded?
It wants to embed your brand.
Honey chile, blogging can do that, too. An' cheaper.
So read about all of ScenarioDNA' promises, which only blogging can keep.


delivering ROI, live and direct.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Healthy Antidote to Hype

I found this on

"Note blogging is not a replacement or substitute for mass media, it
supplements and enhances the media environment by offering an
alternative for people who want more on a particular subject or
viewpoint than what's currently available on TV and in newspapers."

Feels like this is a healthy antidote to any unreasonable
hyped up expectations about blogging.

Quoting Jay Rosen

Gisela Strauss
Content development
Technical Translations
Project Communications

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Blogs deliver radio content.

Blogs deliver radio content.
I love listening to Paul, when he talks about blogging.
His blog is a download bonanza and support site for anything blog.
Even more importantly it emanates optimism without being hyper.

Thanks Paul.


Bloggers Time People of the Year?

For 2004, I cannot think of a single person or persons that had a greater influence on society than the bloggers

«The bloggers absolutely deserve to be this year's People of the Year. If you agree, then make your voice heard.» says Steve Rubel
You can tell Time:

Or you can leave a comment here with your e-mail details and I will forward it to Time Magazine from my Munich office.


Saturday, November 13, 2004

Karl, Hennes & Mauritz

If Your're Cheap, Nothing Helps!

Burda publishing house produces magazines replete with scandals and celebritiy pics. Sometimes it gets sued for slander or invasion of privacy. Winning, then loosing some law suits. At any rate the enterprise generates a lot of money.

But money is not everything. Unnoticed by us, Burda-Verlag is an awakened sleeper and expert in the area the Iconic Turn:
Because pictures have dramatically altered the way cultural values communicate themselves, we have regressed from a language to a picture-based society. Thus the "icon turned", and, hey folks, the Burda mag has been into this all along, what with the celeb piccies. And now it's time to get some credit. The mag wanting to position itself as the avantgarde of that regression. So it has sponsered the Iconic Turn Lectures at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich.

Apparently the idea of getting housewives addicted to peeping into the lives of the Rich and Famous, has an Andy-Warhol-Marshal-MacLuhan-like hipness embedded in it, which these lectures will have to bring to the attention of students.

Well I don't know. I place my bets on the iconoclast Karl Lagerfeld, who has, with his Hennes & Mauritz campaign smashed the iconic idea, that hâute couture should be reserved for the moneyed elite.

In a commercial, launching a low budget Karl-Lagerfeld-Collection, Karl quips, when accused by two ageing and morosely campy queers of being cheap, What an ugly word. If you're cheap, nothing helps.

And as to that faddy expression before - the Iconic Turn has just recently completed its inevitbale 360° round.
We're text-based again. READ MY BLOGS.

OK, here's something with pics:
Karl Lagerfeld, slumming it, looking guilty and biting his nails.
Another fashion victim

Signing off

Karl, derrìere ses lunettes noires:
Pic (of pic) taken in Munich

Bloggerati Unlike Digerati Are Not Elistist

Blogging a way to become a writer. But then, do I really want to become a writer in the classic sense of the word - using blogging as a short cut? No. Not really.

Blogging in and of itself is a new way of interlinked, interactive verbal expression, where text itself is the applicaton, the interface. It is neither push, nor pull.

It's networked. Connected. And it's sustainable. It's word of mouth in every respect. It's the re-emergence, the rebirth, the renaissance of traditional modes of communication - the conversation, the salon talk, the shop talk, the gossip - transported, mapped, captured and enabled in new electronic media.

Unlike digerati - bloggerati are not elitist - they are no avantgarde - only early adapters.

I do not want trees dying for my self-expression. It's that simple.


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