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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

RSS has changed how we digest information.

Perhaps nothing has changed the value of a website as much as RSS. RSS has changed how people who come to websites, digest information, as much as the reasons for people to come to websites at all, have changed. Websites have lost their place in the information feed chain and dropped down a few notches.


The - now- old adage that a website ought to offer value-added information in order to be attractive to users, has lost its meaning. People get independent, value-added information via RSS at all times, places, hours and seconds of the day. Audiences' media-savvy evolves no longer in a measurable timeline-friendly manner, it quantum-leaps by the second.

There is however one role a website still can fill best: To provide succinctly context-relevant information regarding a product, service or topic.The task at hand is to give content back its uniqueness by harvesting only the best of what's out there, in regards to its applicability to the initial service/product offering.

As the flood of content delivery gains momentum, the time and attention factor for both producers and users shrink. The killer-app is the word. And a website is wrapped around the delivery of it. It is only one of many wrappers available, and it got to prove its usefulness by sticking close to its function: delivery of context-sensitive content, may it be text, sound, moving pictures or goods.
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