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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Blogger ID Troutgirl

Canned with a positive outcome you could say:
Joyce Park, view her pic on Red Herring,
blogger ID Troutgirl, with a huge following, was canned by Friendster, a blogging company, for.....blogging.

Duh, %&? you might be tempted to say. Not so fast. Now and then, the interactive media gets reverse-engineered in the worst sense of the word, by big, huge succesful TV execs who Bring Their Business Expertise to the Interactive Field. By sharks, whose world is one of one-way broadcasting, where dumb consumers can't talk back and employees, *if they're smart*, will say what they're told. Two-way conversations in any way are an anathema to the foxy toxidity of general non-eclectic dishing out of news speak mentality.

Joyce Park is currently getting deluded with job offers. Interactive is cool, sharky.

Link Roundup:
Troutgirl on Troutgirl

Red Herring on Troutgirl

Sharky you've got a name!

Is Sharky cool or clueless? Poll in the comment section below:

Stefanie Olson, CNET Writer, who also publishes on SFgate comments on Joyce Park.

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